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Homeless Resources

Do you or a loved one require immediate help with homelessness? PAL Charter Academy welcomes you to browse the resources listed below to help you with anything you might need from locating shelters, to getting medical care, and more. 

Women's Homeless Shelters

Men's Homeless Shelters

Homeless Shelters for Families

Health Care & Other Homelessness Resources

From "California has the largest number of individuals experiencing homelessness in the nation, with more than 151,000 individuals living on the streets and in shelters. People experiencing homelessness suffer from poorer health, have life expectancy rates 20 to 30 years lower than the general population, and have less access to needed preventive, primary, and specialty health care services. The high prevalence of chronic physical health conditions, behavioral health needs, and acute and infectious illnesses has only been exacerbated in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To address the challenges related to meeting the health care needs of individuals experiencing homelessness, the Center for Health Care Strategies, with support from the California Health Care Foundation, is coordinating the California Health Care and Homelessness Learning Community. This statewide initiative is bringing together stakeholders from California to learn from peers and experts across the nation about innovative approaches to improve health services for individuals experiencing homelessness. The learning community includes two tracks: (1) providers and organizations that support those that provide direct care to people experiencing homelessness; and (2) managed care plans"   -- To learn more about health care while experiencing homelessness, please visit 

Alternative links:

National Health Care for the Homeless -

Homelessness & Health Care (California) -

Pets of the Homeless is a website that helps those experiencing homelessness find shelters for their pets. 

The U.S department of Health & Human Services lists many resources on their website. They include links about housing, data, health coverage, and more. 


Runaways Public Service Announcement

Food Programs 

San Bernardino Unified School District


As a part of the San Bernardino Unified School District, we are able to provide you with links to their website so that you may access the district's resources. As shown above, you can contact the district liaisons or fill out an intake form on their website.

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