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Graduation Requirements

Please note that students may elect to pursue an accelerated academic program. Your college plans should be discussed with your counselor as you determine which program you should pursue. In order to plan your yearly classes, you need to become familiar with course prerequisites. 


CLICK HERE for the 2016-17 Course Catalog.

Graduation Requirements 
To receive a diploma from PAL Academy High School students must successfully complete the following requirements: 


2021-2022 Requirements

215 Credits

English – 40 Credits

Mathematics – 30 Credits

Science – 30 Credits

Social Science – 30 Credits

Physical Education – 20 Credits

Skill Development – 20 Credits

Fine Art or Foreign Language – 10 Credits (1 full year of either)

Electives – 35 Credits


If a student fails a course during the semester, he/she must make up the course in summer school or during the following semester. 

Students must be in good financial standing at all high schools attended before a diploma or official transcript will be issued.

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