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The following scholarships are made available to the PAL Center from several sources:


Dr. Mildred Dalton Henry Scholarship - $600

Ms. Alma Dalton Gates Scholarship - $500

Dr. Ulysses Grant Dalton Scholarship - $500

Ms. Pamela Hampton-Ross Scholarship - $500

Mrs. Virginia Radden Scholarship - $300

Mrs. Belva Holder Scholarship -$500

Mr. Donald Smith Scholarship - $500

Dr. Mildred Henry Service and Leadership Award - $500


To apply for a specific scholarship, please read each scholarship description carefully for eligibility. Scholarships are awarded in the form of a check to the university in which you enroll and will be announced at the Graduation.


Although your financial needs may be considered in determining eligibility, It must be emphasized that eligibility for a scholarship is based on your meeting the scholastic and other criteria as set forth by the scholarship donors. If you are applying for a need-based scholarship it is strongly recommended that you complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


The information you supply on your scholarship application is of a confidential nature and will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. Personal interviews with candidates will be scheduled. If you do not apply for a specific scholarship and you are selected as a scholarship recipient, your award will be based on the criteria set forth for each remaining scholarship. You may also be a recipient of a scholarship for which you did not specify.



Applications are available in the Student Services Building.



Ask your teachers for assistance in responding to the information requested and writing your personal statements and essays.



Student must enroll in a college and complete their first term (semester/quarter) with a 2.0 GPA or higher. Student must provide proof of enrollment, GPA, and verification of full-time enrollment for their second term. Scholarships will then be mailed to student’s college.


DEADLINE TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION IS: Friday, May 13, 2022, by 3:00 P.M.




Congratulations to all of our graduates! Some of our graduates plan to enter postsecondary education, and we have some scholarships we would like to give to help them along the way. Interested students filled out applications which were then read and selected by a panel of judges.


The following scholarships are awarded to PAL Center graduating seniors who best met the criteria. These students must return and volunteer hours at the PAL Center to help other students on their road to success. Also, students must show proof of enrollment and attendance in college or post-secondary education, in order to receive the scholarship.


The Dr. Mildred Dalton Henry Scholarship is a $600 scholarship awarded to a college enrollee who has overcome multiple barriers, demonstrated positive leadership qualities, helped other students and shown initiative and determination to succeed. The recipient must enter postsecondary education or become an enterprising entrepreneur engaged in positive pursuits.


The Ms. Alma Dalton-Gates Scholarship is a $500 scholarship awarded to a college enrollee who enrolls in college and will enter the teaching profession. Ms. Dalton-Gates, the mother of Dr. Henry, was a public school teacher in excess of 60 years. Recipients must show proof of enrollment and attendance for one quarter to qualify for the post-secondary scholarships.  



The Dr. Ulysses Grant Dalton Scholarship is a $500 scholarship awarded to a college enrollee who enrolls in college, preferably in music, and has demonstrated positive leadership qualities. Dr. Dalton, brother of Dr. Henry, was a Professor of Music and a university band director for many years. Recipients must show proof of enrollment and attendance for one quarter to qualify for the post-secondary scholarships.



The Mrs. Pamela Jeanne Hampton-Ross Scholarship is $500 scholarship awarded student who preferably pursues a career in the medical and enrolls in an accredited medical training program. Ms. Hampton-Ross was a victim of lupus and held degrees in Speech Therapy and the Health Sciences. Ms. Hampton-Ross, daughter of Dr. Henry, was an entrepreneur and Rehabilitation Specialist. Recipients must show proof of enrollment and attendance for one quarter to qualify for the post-secondary scholarships.



The Mrs. Virginia Mae Radden Scholarship is a $300 awarded to a graduating senior who will be pursuing a career in Technology or Vocational training. Mrs. Radden passed away at the age of forty-two from cancer. She loved to tinker with Technology, but due to her death she was unable to pursue her love for Technology. Ms. Radden is the mother of Coach Dwaine Radden.



The Mrs. Belva Holder Scholarship This $500 scholarship is awarded to a graduate who overcame significant barriers to graduate and will continue to strive for future accomplishments. A member of numerous organizations,  Mrs. Holder was an elementary school teacher for 65 years, and was Secretary of the Board of Directors for Provisional Educational Services, Incorporated, and the PAL Center, since inception in 1984 to 2015.


The Mr. Donald Smith Scholarship is a $500 scholarship awarded in honor of PAL charter Academy's former Compliance Director, Mr. Smith. It is designed to support a graduate who intends to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and/or education. Students must enroll in a Business or Teaching Credential tracked program to a Community College, UNiversity, or Vocational School.


Dr. Mildred Henry Service & Leadership Awards is a $500 award given to a graduating Senior who is personally selected by Dr. Henry. This student has demonstrated a desire to continue their pursuit of excellence in post-secondary education. Additionally, they have exhibited a commitment to both service and leadership in the participation of community service, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities.

PAL Charter Academy's Davon Dean "AKA" Marvelous wins the first Black History Essay Contest sponsored by Yaamava' Resort & Casino at San Manuel.


He took home $250 for his incredible essay. Executive Director, Dwaine Radden Sr. said "he is a Scholar and Ambassador for PCA and just an all-around great student." Mr. Radden also matched the $250.

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