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Truth About Charters

The public has never been more supportive of California's charter public schools based on growth in charter school enrollment, waiting list numbers, and polling data. Yet while charter schools enjoy strong support, there are vocal critics who perpetuate a number of myths. Through our series, the Truth About Charters, we hope to clarify common misperceptions by providing responses based on fact and independent research.

Truth #1: Charter schools are public schools.

Charter schools are tuition free, public schools of choice open to any student. Choice is a powerful tool for parents seeking educational equity and equal access to quality education for their children.

Truth #2: Charter schools serve all students.

Charter schools are committed to serving a student body that reflects the local community. In fact, enrollment figures show that charter school students are just as diverse (racially and economically) as students who attend traditional district schools.

Truth #3: Charter schools serve English Language Learners.

A new report by the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) finds that charter public schools are helping English Language ("EL") students do better in school.

Truth #4: Charter schools are excelling academically.

Charter schools are delivering on the promise of a great public education, especially in under-served communities. Research shows that charter school students are learning more each year, and graduating ready for college at higher rates.

Truth #5: Thousands of parents are waiting for more charter schools.

More and more families are demanding the charter school option as they learn that charter school students are doing better in school. Yet there is still an overwhelming unmet need for quality school options as over 158,000 students are on charter school waiting lists in California.

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