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Provisional Educational Services Inc. 

The Provisional Accelerated Learning (PAL) Center is operated by Provisional Educational Services, Incorporated, a non-profit tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) entity that was incorporated in California in December 1984. The community-based PAL Center was established to compliment the activities of the structured educational system and provides education and employment services in a non-threatening environment that is easily accessible to residents.


Populations Served

The PAL Center has historically served a culturally-diverse-at-risk populations with great success. Participants have ranged in age from two to forty-five years old. Free services are available to persons who qualify for government funded programs. Research shows that the dropout, at-risk populations has the highest unemployment and crime rate, and comprise the largest percentage of welfare recipients.


Dwaine Radden, Sr., CEO 

​Chief Executive Officer

Dwaine Radden Sr., Chief Executive Officer of Provisional Educational Services, Incorporated (PESI), DBA, the Provisional Accelerated Learning (PAL) Center, has over 35 years of experience in the area of Business and Marketing. He also brings a multitude of organizational knowledge and leadership in administration, teaching, mentoring, coaching, and youth advocacy. He is a native of New York, raised in the south (North Carolina, Tennessee), has lived in San Bernardino for 35 years, and is a husband and father of five.  He attended East Tennessee State University (ETSU), where he majored in business and played collegiate football until he suffered a career-ending injury. He received his Teaching Credential from California State University at San Bernardino. He was an instructor at PAL Charter Academy and operated a successful HVAC and Major Appliance business in San Bernardino for 25 years. Radden's experience and perseverance elevated him through the agency's ranks to become the first Afro-American male Chief Executive Officer. He currently oversees three community-based programs for the company and is responsible for managing over 6 million in agency funding. Programs include the PAL Charter Academy, (one high school and a middle school), Upward Bound, YouthBuild Program, and  San Bernardino County Food Bank. In addition, he oversees fifty-four employees and fosters many community partnerships with local organizations. He currently serves on the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Volunteer Forces (VTF), is Commissioner on the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Commission (JJDPC), sits on the Brandman College Advisory Board, and is certified with the San Bernardino Chamber of Commerce Leadership Training Program. Radden is a recipient of the 2014 Dr. Margaret Hill Community Black Rose Award and Assemblymember Cheryl Brown's Father of the Year Award just to name a couple. Radden brought in a 1.3 million dollar turf football and soccer field and elevated the school's play to be a part of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF)-Southern Section. He has volunteered countless hours to shape the character of young people and has managed to rescue many from the depths of low self-esteem and degradation. Radden coached youth football from 1990 to 2004, engraving his code Discipline, Determination and Dedication equals winner always, throughout generations.  He revived a defunct San Bernardino Pop Warner, Founded the United Football Alliance League (UFAL), and has received countless accolades and awards for his community service and leadership. Radden's motto led him into the National Football Minor League Hall of Fame and Championships at every level of football. In addition, he brought the first-ever volleyball championships to the PAl Charter Academy for both girls and boys. Radden has brought his winning mindset, business, marketing, and coaching experience to the PAL Charter Academy and has infused the students and staff. His 21st-Century business approach and his motto "Believe it then Achieve it" have transformed and elevated PAL Center and PAL Charter Academy to a community plateau status. He has been a proven winner throughout all levels of business and coaching. He coached several nationally known players who came out of the Pop Warner and Youth Football Leagues. They included Chris Polk of the University of Washington (Philadelphia Eagles), Rodney Harris of the University of Kansas (Speed Coach), Gary Walker of the University of Idaho (2013 NFL Draft Prospect), and Dewayne Booker of Wayland Baptist (Track and Field). Radden has lived his tenets of "Discipline, Determination, and Dedication Equals Winner," and his young proteges continue the legacy.


Our Founder

Dr. Mildred Dalton Hampton Henry’s motto is “Dare to do the Impossible.” She is a mother of five who re-entered school at age 38 as a single parent. A native of Tamo, Arkansas, she holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Agricultural, Mechanical and Normal (AM&N) College, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, a Master of Science Degree in Counseling Education from Southern Illinois University (SIU) at Edwardsville, and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree from SIU at Carbondale. Arriving in San Bernardino in September 1983, and concerned about school dropouts, Dr. Henry founded and became president of Provisional Educational Services, Inc. (PESI), a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, and the executive director of the Provisional Accelerated Learning (PAL) Center. Daring to do the impossible Dr. Henry became the first African American to become tenured in the College of Education at California State University (CSU), San Bernardino. She has taught at all levels from private nursery school to graduate level studies. In addition to her faculty status at CSU, she has taught as an adjunct professor in California for Southern Illinois University. Chopping and picking cotton, milking cows, “slopping hogs,” and attending inferior and unequal segregated public school made Dr. Henry keenly and strongly sensitive to cultural variables, past experiences, and how these impact behaviors. Dr. Henry attributes her strong educational interests to an education oriented family, excellent role models, a community extended family, and encouragement from many mentors. Dr. Henry has received numerous prestigious national, state and local awards, accolades and honors for her advocacy toward drop out prevention, maintaining a strong unyielding stand on providing alternative educational services to an at-risk population, and dedicating her tireless energy and resources for the greater good of bringing people of all walks of life together creating pathways for those less fortunate. Dr. Henry states, “My pride in my parents’ legacy increases with each level of success achieved by a PAL Center student, and with each ‘oh,’ ‘ah,’ and ‘I can do it.’” The San Bernardino City Unified School District voted to name a school The Dr. Mildred Dalton Henry Elementary School.

The overarching mission of the PAL Center is to “Reach Out” and help those who need a “hand up.”

Mission Statement & Vision

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Edward Stricklan



Marion Black

President Emeritus


Dr. Mildred Henry

Acting Secretary/Treasurer

Dr. Radden.jpg

Dwaine Radden Sr.

Chief Executive Officer

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Linda Gomez



Reginal Young


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Pam Montana


Provisional Educational Services, Incorporated

Provisional Educational Services, Incorporated, (PESI) is a non-profit tax-exempt educational institution formed in 1984 to offer a variety of educational programs and employment services through the Provisional Accelerated Learning (PAL) Center located at 2450 W. Blake Street in San Bernardino, California.


Our Mission Statement:

Provisional Educational Services, Incorporated is committed to provide quality, comprehensive, educational services, with an emphasis on individuality, cultural diversity, and an appreciation for tolerance. These services are provided through the Provisional Accelerated Learning (PAL) Center, a community-based organization, in a non-threatening environment that is easily accessible to residents.

The Vision

The PAL Center seeks to improve the quality of students’ lives by “connecting the dots” between students, parents, educators, and the community. The goal is to produce an educational environment that nurtures, excites, and motivates students to learn and realize their potential as members of the global society.


A Dream in the Making

The PAL Center, “A Dream in the Making,” was established to complement and bring comprehensive educational activities and services to the community in a non-threatening environment.


The original idea for the PAL Center rose from the ashes of the Dalton family’s torched and burned cotton gin, general store, and family farm in Arkansas. The idea developed from a vision in 1984, through the years, to today’s reality, and tomorrow’s future.


Statistics show that the dropout population has the highest unemployment rate, the highest crime rate, and the largest percentage of welfare recipients. The PAL Center has specialized in advantaged populations who have overcome injustice, and numerous barriers, in order to succeed.


The mission reflects the unique needs of our diverse learning community, and clearly articulates what we feel students need to know and be able to do upon graduation from high school and during the learning process.


Featured on a 6:00pm Los Angeles Channel 2 newscast, the PAL Center has historically served culturally diverse, at-risk populations with great success. Our students keep pace with the ever-increasing literacy levels required to meet the challenges of daily living. The PAL Center is funded through grants, private donations, in-kind contributions, and volunteers.


With your support the PAL Center can positively influence youth to remain in school, obtain viable employment, and become productive citizens.


Provisional Educational Services Inc.
(PESI) Board

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