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PAL Center Awarded United Way Grant

PAL Center Awarded United Way Grant The PAL Center, a local San Bernardino non-profit organization located in the heart of San Bernardino and Muscoy, has been serving the Inland Empire with a variety of community programs for over 35 years.

They were among several COVID-19 front line organizations that shared in an Arrowhead United Way funding drive-thru on Thursday, August 13th at United Way Headquarters. Dwaine Radden Sr., the PAL Center CEO, stated: "It is always great when your organization and staff are recognized with a grant for making a difference in your community. Cars were lined up for blocks filled with community leaders to participate in this historic first funding drive-thru hosted by the Arrowhead United Way. United Way President, Gwen Dowdy Rodgers, said: "Arrowhead United Way has always been the beacon of light for our community and during COVID-19 we continue to serve those in need along with organizations dedicated to our community during these unprecedented times. We supported 30 local agencies affected by COVID for a total of $285,000 because of generous donor support. The Arrowhead United Way team reached out locally and to the mountain communities to make these awards. While we continue to stay safe and maintain social distance, our Marketing lead, Christopher Ortiz, and the staff felt we could do a safe drive through check presentation, and a follow up virtual check presentation for those unable to make the drive-thru celebration. Most of the organizations were able to join us in the drive-thru celebration." Radden, saluted President Gwen Rogers and the Arrowhead United Way Team, for keeping funds in our community and making sure local non-profit organizations were included in this grant. He said, "This grant will provide all of us working on the front line with funds to continue and expand needed services for our families and community." Visit PAL Center at, or social media Facebook, and Twitter. To make donations, or to learn more about their programs and organization, call (909) 887-7002 Visit Arrowhead United Way website and Facebook and follow up on social Media to donate.

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