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California Charter Schools Celebrate Thirty-Year Milestone.

Local San Bernardino Charters took a photo at their monthly consortium meeting where they celebrated 30 years of existence and showed their theme of "Reimaging Public Education". Charter schools give students and families choices when it comes to Public Education. All Charter schools are FREE, must be operated by a non-profit organization, and must be authorized by a California school district. Charter schools are all unique in their own way when delivering educational instruction.

Dwaine Radden, Sr., Executive Director for Provisional Accelerated Learning Academy (PALA) in Muscoy said, "The PAL Academy was the first Charter School authorized under the San Bernardino City Unified School District. We are the longest operating school chartered by the District with a 23-year tenure and counting. At PAL Charter Academy (PCA) we take a holistic approach when it comes to our students. In this climate, you must save the family if you are going to save the student."

The SBCUSD named an elementary school the Dr. Mildred Dalton Henry Elementary school after the PCA founder. Radden continued, "We have one of the best School Districts in California when it comes to supporting Charters. They embrace us and monitor us to make sure we are operating efficiently and providing students with a quality education. In my travels, I have visited different states, and cities and have heard some horror stories when it comes to Districts and Charters finding common ground. SBCUSD strives to get it right for their Charters."

Standing in solidarity in the photo is Fátima Cristerna-Adame of California Charter Schools Association(CCSA). CCSA is one of the largest advocates for Charter Schools throughout California. The Charter school movement is wished another 30 years as they pave the way for students and families in search for alternative education.

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